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STEP2 is a comprehensive residential and outpatient treatment program that provides women struggling to overcome substance abuse, poverty and family violence the opportunity to rebuild their lives.


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Another "Story of Hope" from one of our incredible clients at STEP2. The women who come into this program are an inspiration to us all.

I am a 53 year old woman who has struggled and lost many attempts to learn how to live my life sober. I’ve always said “The only time I felt like I could breathe was when I was either drunk or high.” I have struggled and fought this battle for over 30 years. There have only been a very few short lived periods of sobriety. I just never could sustain my sobriety. I have gone through two other programs and completed them, but then only for a short period of sobriety then I started using again. I believe part of the reason for that was that when I completed those programs, there was no safety net in place to help me learn to live in the real world again without support.
Here at STEP2 after you complete the in-house portion of treatment they give you the opportunity to move into their Lighthouse cottages. It is the in-between step from intensive residential treatment to living on your own completely. The Lighthouse cottages have given me the opportunity to ease back into the real world. Here I am able to get a job, life in my own cottage and learn to live a safe and sober life with this safety net. No other program has provided this opportunity to learn to live and become a responsible member of society which is what I need.
The counseling and classes STEP2 provides are not only teaching me about sobriety, but they deal with all the underlying reasons why I became an alcoholic and drug addict. The classes show me how to deal with and work through my problems the right way, ensuring above all else that my sobriety is number one.
I have never felt such on-going support. I know that there is no cure for this disease but because of this program and what I have learning while accepting the incredible support from everyone, I have the confidence in myself and my sobriety experienced like never before. I now have the chance for a brand new healthy productive, sober and happy life. I am already seeing some of the joy of my sobriety because of STEP2. I will never be able to find the words to express my gratitude and thanks for what this program has done for me. Thank you, THANK YOU!
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Jodi CyesterBest decision I made in my life was to get treatment at Step 2. Unbelievable program

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Connie ArmstrongThank you Diaz Dixon for all you and your organization does!!

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STEP2 is happy to boast a 60% success rate for our women battling addiction compared to the national average of 17%.

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