MAY 24, 2024 • 10 AM

Dust off those clubs and get ready to tee off in style at STEP2’s annual golf tournament! It’s not just a day out of the office; it’s your golden ticket to support a truly worthy cause. Join fellow golf enthusiasts for a day of swings, putts, and good times—all while making a positive impact.

download a printable PDF sponsorship packet


A very special thank you to the STEP2 Golf Tournament Committee Members (listed below):

  • COMMITTEE CHAIR: Brian Cassidy (board member)
  • Michael Alonso (board member)
  • Thurn August (advisory board member)
  • Kim Battcher (staff)
  • Ken Bickford (board member)
  • Cheree Boteler (staff)
  • Katarina Frankoski
  • Daniel Hedrick
  • Mari Hutchinson (staff)
  • JJ Jarzynka (board member)
  • Samantha Ryan
  • Amanda Smith
  • Pamela Troy (board member)
  • Melissa Ung (staff)