We could not do what we do if we didn’t have such amazing support from our community, partner agencies, generous donors and sponsors and volunteers.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every organization and individual who supports our organization.

We are so grateful!






If you have a business need, we encourage you to consider giving your business to one of these local businesses!

They support us and we would LOVE for you to support them!

Wire Me Electric
Fahrendorf Law Offices
Specialty Automotive
Junk King Reno

We are so thankful to everyone that comes and volunteers on our campus or at one of our events and we would like to give special recognition to those individuals that spend a substantial amount of time supporting us with their time.

  • Jeanne Ackley
  • Lauren Berkich
  • Kenneth Bickford
  • Justin Boucher
  • Donna Calhoun
  • Brian Cassidy
  • Lyndi Cooper-Schroeder
  • Debbie Dezsi
  • Jasmine Dhindsa
  • Katie Fletcher
  • Amber Hale
  • Erick Herrera
  • Eric Howsley
  • Katina Isaacson
  • JJ Jarzynka
  • Heather Keenan
  • Shane Kelley
  • Lindsey Kern
  • Mary Kusiek
  • Kathy Leggett
  • Melonie Martinez
  • Shirley Mullins
  • Michelle Neff-McCormack
  • Eddie Occhipinti
  • Sarin Poco
  • Sheila Poco
  • Diana Ramirez
  • Nikki Raymore
  • Sean Reardon
  • Jennifer Risdon Palmer
  • Anissa Sabori
  • Nathan Shirley
  • Keara Spies
  • Steve Tate
  • Brenda Terry
  • Aubrey Trabert
  • Emily VanHouck
  • Kathryn Weber-Karp
  • Nancy Wong