The Shirley Ann Foundation Donates $10,000 to STEP2

Carisa and John Zink, owners of IT Avalon and founders of The Shirley Ann Foundation, Inc., moved to Reno four months ago from the Bay Area and have jumped right into giving back to the community by choosing to donate $10,000 to STEP2 through their foundation. 

The Shirley Ann Foundation is committed to empowering women and children within their community and providing an alliance with those who are fighting for a second chance. Raised by two strong and self-sacrificing women, the Zinks realize bravery is not always accessible and sometimes, strength wavers.

“The Shirley Ann Foundation is the cornerstone for mothers working to rebuild their lives and create a successful future for themselves and their children,” said Carisa Zink, co-founder of The Shirley Ann Foundation. “After touring STEP2 and learning more about their mission, John and I knew this organization was a perfect match for funding from our foundation.”

STEP2 provides compassionate, flexible, individualized treatment programs for women in a safe environment, respecting the client and her personal needs while utilizing current addiction and mental health protocols. Treatment focuses on empowering each client to succeed and become a productive member of society while supporting and encouraging her recovery.

“We believe that a woman should never have to choose between being a mom and receiving treatment,” said Mari Hutchison, CEO of STEP2. “This generous donation will go directly to support women who are doing the hard work to break the cycle of addiction and violence in their families.”

About The Shirley Ann Foundation, Inc.
Founded in 2018, The Shirley Ann Foundation, Inc.’s mission is to fund programming and initiatives dedicated to goal achievement, overcoming obstacles and breaking shackles that withhold women and children from becoming forces determined to rise. Additional information about The Shirley Ann Foundation is available on the organization’s website and social media, which can be accessed at

About IT Avalon
IT Avalon is a results-driven contract IT staffing and professional services agency. With over 30 years of industry experience and a team dedicated to providing exceptional service, IT Avalon excels at finding top-notch talent for our clients’ evolving staffing needs. They help businesses in all industries increase operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge through innovative, cost-effective staffing solutions. They believe in challenging and disrupting the status quo in the staffing industry, giving back to our communities, and equality for all people.  Additional information about IT Avalon is available on the company’s website and social media, which can be accessed at

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