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My name is Trista. I’ve been using since I was 13.

I have given birth to five kids and, because of my use, have lost all of them except my youngest.

I was supposed to come to STEP2 three years ago, but I was too scared and intimidated to go into the group rooms so, I refused.

But … I reconsidered.

I was just ready for my life to be different.

I came back, four months pregnant.

I didn’t want the same lifestyle and I didn’t want to risk losing another child.

Because of STEP2, I have my daughter.

Because of STEP2, I’ve been successful at keeping a job and I have my first car. I became the president of the Lighthouse Campus and was able to save money to prepare for the day I moved out.

Before STEP2, I was scared, I wouldn’t talk to anybody, not one word.

Now, I even speak on the radio. When people hear my story, they learn from it and they can understand and relate to me.

Now, I am able to help myself and the people who hear my story.

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