step2_pages_header_img-duo2STEP2, a private non-profit, is the only treatment program in Northern Nevada and one of the few in the country that accommodates women with children.

STEP2 provides: compassionate, flexible, individualized treatment programs for women in a safe environment, respecting the client and her personal treatment needs and utilizing current addiction and mental health protocols.

Our treatment center empowers each client to succeed and become a productive member of society while supporting and encouraging her recovery for up to 18 months. Since many clients are suffering from poverty in addition to chemical addiction, no woman is ever turned away because of her inability to pay for treatment.

Pursuant to Federal and State guidelines, priority status will be assigned as follows:

  1. Women who are pregnant and IV drug users
  2. Women who are pregnant
  3. Women who are IV drug users
  4. Women who are post-partum
  5. Women with children
  6. All other chemically dependent women