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My name is Christi.

I got drunk, that’s my drug of choice, and I got behind the wheel. I was pulled over and I got a DUI. My daughter was taken that day because I wasn’t doing well being a mom. She went to foster care and I went to jail.

One bad decision after another had all of a sudden caught up to me.

I wasn’t living, I was just an empty vessel.

While I was in jail one of the ladies there said that I should go to STEP2.  When I got to STEP2, they accepted me with open arms and with a tremendous amount of understanding.

STEP2 has given me the support that I did not have, ever.

I was able to learn about myself and learn why I wasn’t alive in my own life. Instead of emptiness, I became filled up with positive affirmations and sound counseling.

Because of STEP2, I have become the driver in my own life.

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