In the fall of last year, we decided that we wanted to reach out to Yelp Reno’s Michael Tragash to see if he would be willing to do a collaborative event with STEP2.

We were thrilled that his answer was an immediate YES! We set up a time to meet and discuss.  We thought it would be food related since that seemed to be the trend of events; however …

Michael had a better plan, an innovative plan, a unique plan, an EXCITING plan! An idea that had been brewing inside him for awhile just waiting to find a home.

He shared it with us. We were amazed, thrilled and ON BOARD!!

He set up meetings with the owners of Break Through Reno, Phil & Kristian, who jumped at the chance to donate their time and efforts. Meetings with Bryon Evans Films who couldn’t wait to breathe life into the event with creative videography.
This event, Break The Cycle, is Michael’s brainchild, his baby brought to life by an amazing collaboration between Yelp, Break Through Reno and STEP2. Supported with captivating videography by Bryon Evans Films and hosted by The Row.
We are overwhelmed with gratitude for Michael and this amazing team he brought together to create a one-of-a-kind experience — FOR YOU!


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