Shannon Jensen
Chief Operating Officer

Shannon Jensen is a 5th generation Nevadan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development & Family Studies from the University of Nevada, Reno. She lives in Reno, NV with her daughter, dog, two cats and a village of supportive family and friends.

As the Chief Operating Officer at STEP2, Shannon oversees many aspects of STEP2 including the Transitional Living Campus and grant reporting.  She also is STEP2’s representative to Family Treatment Court.  Shannon works closely with STEP2’s CEO to write grants, implement community partner collaborations and evaluate and implement program policy changes to maintain balance within quality of services and program integrity. 

Shannon enjoys working at STEP2 because of the opportunity this gives her to witness women reunify with their children.  She believes that all of these human experiences are unmatched in triumph of true love and human spirit.

“Professionally, and personally, I love the work that I am privileged to do every day, and am fortunate to work with the team that makes up STEP2.  I believe that there is a great potential in us all, and by doing my part in helping others realize the value in themselves, I am able to practice offering the best parts of myself.  I consider myself fortunate, as there are rare opportunities to work for an agency with a mission that I, and the team I work with, believe in with passion, action and professionalism.”

Shannon Jensen

Shannon has many hobbies including ice skating, snow skiing and watching movies, all of which she enjoys best with her daughter.  Having grown up ice skating, she is very excited for the development of local ice here in Reno via Reno Ice and is in full support of the project so that she can continue this hobby with her family, friends and the community.