I am what you would call your average addict. It doesn’t matter what the addiction is, I am addicted to it. For most of my childhood, it was just my mother and I. We always had food and shelter, but I didn’t have guidance or discipline. My mom did her own thing. I snuck alcohol and weed from her boyfriend. I also started stealing.

From age 10 to 13 I lived with my biological father who provided structure. This helped me to stop my bad behaviors. But when I moved back to Reno at 14, I picked up where I left off. I used every day that I was not in rehab or jail. I was drinking, snorting coke, popping ecstasy and running away. By the age of 17 I had been to 4 inpatient treatments center and tried one outpatient center.

On the run again with no money, I found a new addiction, prostitution. I did it every day. I continued to put drugs into my body, pushing away from the people who cared about me. I have a diploma, but I thought prostitution was the only thing I was good at. I was raped, beaten, and robbed at gun point and yet I continued.

In 2010 I found out I was pregnant. I told myself it was a sign from God telling me it was time to change. If only it was that easy. I stopped using drugs for my baby, but I continued to prostitute. After another stint in jail I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Due to both mine and his father’s addictions, my son was placed in CPS custody.

I tried outpatient treatment at STEP2, but I relapsed again and got a DUI. I then went into residential treatment and finally got clean. I do not believe I could stay clean or work towards getting my son back without this. I am an addict and I have been my own worst enemy. STEP2 has helped me to become a woman and learn self control. I know I can stay clean for the rest of my life and have learned not to make promises, just live for today. Each day I wake up and say, “Today, I will stay clean and sober. I will not go back into old behaviors.”  Thanks to STEP2 I am 2 years clean and sober and have my son back. I am working full time at a job I love and supporting my son thanks to the tools I’ve received in the 18 months of recovery at STEP2.


*Names have been changed