The following Board Members have graciously volunteered their time and talent to help us achieve our goals:


Lauren-1- Use this oneLauren Yurick, President, Partner, Benefit Resource Group, Board Member since 2013
Thurn August, Vice President, Gaming Technology Group Account, Executive Board Members since 2013
 Heidi Loeb, Secretary, Nevada Museum of Art Managing Director, Museum Advancement, Board Member since 2014
Keken bickfordnneth Bickford,  Treasurer, Bickford Angier & Associates Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Financial Planning, Board Member since 2011

Board of Directors

Alfredo photoAlfredo Alonso, Lewis and Roca Attorney, Board Member since 2010


jeanne ackleyJeanne Ackley, Executive Board Member since 2009

Fritz Battcher Fritz Battcher, Holland and Hart, LLP Attorney, Board Member since 2012
Step2-Families-1139PTDr. James Cohen, M.D. Oncologist Doctor, Board member since 2015
Laura de JongLaura de Jong, Nevada Packaging Solutions General Manager, Board Member since 2009
 Tyler Whitten, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley, Board Member since 2016

Chelsea Harrah, Board Member since 2016







JJ Jarzynka, Account Manager, International Game Technology, Board Member since 2017